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Consumer Ethnocentrism Tendency in Africa: A Literature Review

Abiot Tsegaye Kibret

Many business people have concluded that Africa has lower consumer ethnocentrism tendency because of the negative attitude towards domestic products. However, such conclusions were refuted by this literature review as Africa has the highest consumer ethnocentrism tendency than both non-African developing countries and developed countries. The reviewer examined consumer ethnocentrism tendency level and variation among countries by extracting twenty countries from developed and developing countries with quota sampling technique. Based on the analysis, developing countries were found in the higher consumer ethnocentrism tendency category while developed countries were found in moderate consumer ethnocentrism tendency group. Further, the difference between developed and African countries is significant; however, the difference between developed and non-African developing countries as well as African and non-African developing countries are not significant. Africans are recommended to work hard in the marketing aspects in order to seize opportunities associated with high consumer ethnocentrism tendency which significantly affects consumers’ attitude towards domestic products.