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Consumer Behaviour on Consumer Durables with Reference to Bijapur District

Mr. Paramanand Dasar, Dr. S.G. Hundekar and Mr. Mallikarjun Maradi

Consumer is nerve centre of the modern marketing, understanding his behaviour is quite essential for efficient and effective marketing management. Customers may state their needs, wants but act otherwise. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations. India’s consumer market is riding the crest of the country’s economic boom. Driven by a young population with access to disposable incomes and easy finance options, the consumer market has been throwing up staggering figures. Marketing problem enhancing from the consumers’ behaviour has a greater degree of similarity behavioural problems relating to the consumer durables. Hence, the present study has been chosen to identify and ascertain the extent of problems of consumer behaviour have an impact on the marketing of consumer durables in the fast growing Bijapur District (Karnataka State). The consumer behaviour in relating to consumer durables is strongly affected by some economic, social, cultural and psychological factors; the present research has been selected for an intensive empirical survey of the various factors influencing the buyer’s behaviour on consumer durables in Bijapur District (Karnataka State).