Consequences of Bank Frauds on the Growth of Nigerian Economy | Abstract

Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Consequences of Bank Frauds on the Growth of Nigerian Economy

Iyodo, Baba Yaro, Agbaji, Joseph Simon & Abu, Adegede Suleiman

This paper analyzes and examines the consequences of bank frauds on the growth of the Nigerian economy. In recent years, frauds in Nigeria banking sector seemed to have assumed a frightening dimension and to a large extent, the confidence the general public reposes in it, is put in jeopardy. The scope of the study is 1995 to 2014. Secondary data is being used for the study. Regression analysis and SPPS application soft ware is being used for data analysis. The study reveals that bank fraud have negative and significant consequences on the growth of Nigerian economy. The ability of banks to promote growth and development in any economy is a function of the extent to which financial transactions are carried out with trust, confidence and least risk. These no doubt requires a safe and sound banking practice which many of the banks in Nigeria today have despised to their own peril. The study recommends that the regulatory authorities of banks in Nigeria need to improve on their supervision, careful when recruiting employees, wonderful results alone is not enough, but fear of God and integrity of employees should be considered. The paper concludes that the battle for the preclusion, uncovering and retribution of fraud offenders must be fought to reduce the temptation to commit fraud and to increase the chances of detection. While a positive work environment will help to achieve the former, the latter can be achieved by sound internal control system