Maternal and Pediatric Nutrition

Maternal and Pediatric Nutrition
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Comparative Nutrient Analysis of Regular, Organic, and Homemade Infant and Toddler Foods

Oberlin AL, Myers KB, Brinkley J, McKee L and Wall-Bassett E

The purpose of this research was to compare energy and selected nutrients from labels of regular pre-packaged and organic pre-packaged foods, and calculated from information in the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference for homemade foods for infants and toddlers. Two-hundred and thirty-two infant products and 71 toddler products were evaluated. Regular pre-packaged infant foods had more kilocalories, carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, calcium, iron, and vitamin C. Organic pre-packaged toddler foods had more kilocalories, fiber, sugar, and vitamin C. Educating parents/caregivers in effective label reading and nutritional assessment methods can help with making better food choices for infant and toddlers.