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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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Comparative Analysis of the Website Performance of Industry Integrated HMIs, Central Government IHMs and State Government IHMs in India

Dahiya Ashish and Duggal Shelley

The boom in the hospitality industry in India, in the past decade, has made hospitality education as a coveted career. There has been a spur in the hotel management colleges in the country. Some renowned names, albeit, attract most of the aspirant crowd still the competition is optimum with numerous hotel management institutes mushrooming. No stone is left unturned by the institutes to attract the prospective students. Every possible effort is made to improve the virtual face online by the institutes as websites projects each aspect of the institute to its prospective students and other stakeholders. The present research study intends to conduct the comparative analysis of the performance of Industry Integrated Hotel Management Institutes (HMIs), Central Government Institutes of Hotel Management (IHMs) and State Government IHMs in India. The modified balanced scorecard (BSC) approach is incorporated into the evaluation by taking into consideration four perspectives: technical, user friendly, website attractiveness and academic effectiveness. A set of 80 critical success factors representing these four perspectives is then used to examine the websites. The results of the study disclose that the websites of central Government IHMs performed slightly better than other two and were found to be comparatively attractive and academically effective but technically weak scoring least of other two. Academic effectiveness is an area for Industry Integrated HMIs, Central Government IHMs and SIHMs’ website improvement as most of the websites lack in providing the adequate information that is considered of academic relevance/ interest.