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Coconut Processing Industries: An Out Look

Dr.S.S.Theerkhapathy and Dr.S.Chandrakumarmangalam

Consequent to the globalization of Indian economy, the domestic coconut market economy has also been pushed towards a situation of competition, where coconut oil had to compete with other low price vegetable oil and fats in the international market. Indian food processing has the potential to be a driving force in India’s economic development and a catalyst of the inclusive growth. It can increase farmers’ incomes by 20-40 per cent, create between 50-100 million jobs and dramatically improve nutrition levels. The coconut palm exerts a profound influence on the rural economy of the many states where it is grown extensively and it provides sustenance to more than 10 million people. The processing and related activities centered on the crop generate employment opportunities for over two million people in India. The contribution of the coconut oil to the national edible oil pool is 6%. In addition the crop contributes Rs.7000 crores annually to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).