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CMAT an Ambitious tool of AICTE, Contemporary State of Management Education in Rajasthan after Courts Decision about MBA

Pawan Kalyani and Dr. Lokesh Arora

AICTE came up with ‘CMAT’, when CMAT was launched it was being treated as single entrance exam for all India, but it was strongly refused by the CAT and others, then it became the sixth option for the students. It was being supported by six states in India including Rajasthan. On the later stage, CMAT doesn’t do the magic and many management institutions in Rajasthan doesn’t get the sufficient admissions after replacing RMAT by CMAT. Many management institutions declared zero session and the vacant seat phenomenon affects the motivation of student’s teachers and management institutions in Rajasthan. The decision made by Delhi High Court that MBA is not “technical” and AICTE will not further conduct the CMAT exam. In this paper the authors are trying to put some light on the future, cause and effects on management education in Rajasthan and strategies of Government of India like FDI etc. there is acute need of management professionals to cater future market demand, how to fulfill the need this is the next big question?