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Childhood Cytomegalovirus Infection: Case Series and Literature Review

Tinsae Alemayehu, Workeabeba Abebe and Daniel Hailu

Introduction and objectives: Early life Cytomegalovirus infection is an under-recognized disease. Infection can present as congenital, perinatal or acquired forms. Though mostly asymptomatic, it can lead to fatal complications.

Case presentation: The clinical presentations of four Ethiopian children with acute Cytomegalovirus infections are reviewed. Three had neonatal disease while one had an acquired infection. Two of the neonatal infections involved preterm deliveries while all three presented with persistent direct hyperbilirubinemia. Serologic tests were used to diagnose their infections.

Discussion: Childhood Cytomegalovirus infections involve multiple organs. Viral DNA detection and serologic tests are utilized to diagnose infection at different ages of childhood. Treatment was provided to one of our patients based on existing recommendations while the other three did not receive anti-viral drugs.

Conclusions: Early diagnosis and management of pediatric Cytomegalovirus infections will prevent long-term hearing and neurologic disabilities.