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Chemical and Fisic Components of Shesh i Bardhe: Grape Cultivar in Albania

Edlira K, Onejda K, Fatbardha M and Krenar G

The study assessed regional differences and effects in berry morphology (skin, pulp and seeds) in relation to chemical compounds. The flavonoids containing in berries (ITF), of the autochthonous cultivar, Shesh i Bardhe, of grapevine, in three micro zonal of Albania (Gjirokastra, Tirana, Durres) has been determined with spectrophotometrically and they ranged from 165.62; 66.36; 183.85 respectively for three different eco-climatic zones of Albania. The content of sugar, Brix, was: 13.53 for cv. Shesh i Bardhe, Gjirokastra; 17.5 per cv. Shesh i Bardhe, Tirana and 11 for cv. Shesh i Bardhe, Sukth. The effect of climatic zones, therefore ripening, was deep in the grape, with drastic variabilities in the different components: the content of sugar Brix, total Acidity, total Index of poliphenols, total flavonoids, colour intensity. Statistical analyses of the data over physical indicator (The weight of the sample, the weight of the berries sample, the weight of rachis sample, coefficient of construction, weight of 100 berries, contents of peeling, the content of the seeds, size of berries (length /width), the index of berries, the coefficient of the berries composition), and even chemical, had a correlation of indicators of research with environmental factors in the vineyard.