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Cell & Developmental Biology
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Characterization of Ion-Uptake for Single Osteoblast Cell under Electrical Stimuli

Sarkar S

This paper represents the numerical and analytical characterization of ion uptake of osteoblast cell under the influence of different electrical stimuli. The effects of pico electrical field, electrode configuration, micro channel dimension and property of suspension media on ion uptake were investigated. The electrodes were assumed to be embedded in the walls of the microchip & osteoblast cell was suspended between these electrodes. In this context it is observed that the efficient ion uptake is conducted in very short duration low amplitude DC impulse. It is found that the ion uptake is sinusoidal distributed over the surface of osteo cell membrane and it is minimum at pole θ=90 &θ=270 and maximum value is obtained at pole θ=180 which is independent of specification of electrical pulse, geometry of electrode, dimension of micro channel & property of suspension media. But their value depends on the above parameters. So the region near by the θ=90 & θ=270 are assigned as high permeable area of the osteoblast cell. The effect of neighbour cells on ion-uptake is considered to make the result more authentic and realistic.