Celebrating Differences: Wisdom Through Relationships | Abstract
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Celebrating Differences: Wisdom Through Relationships


The Earth we live in is increasingly becoming a battlefield for the forces of integration versus the forces of fragmentation. The play between opposites has encumbered our world as it has our family lives as well. Psychologists, counselors, management gurus have all been working hard to find solutions to a growing ‘relationships’ crisis, at both the macro and micro levels. In the developed countries, mental illnesses are on the rise. Growing intolerance has begun to seek release through violence. The trends are disturbing, and there is a growing need for change. What we need now more than ever, perhaps, is a completely new perspective. The Author seeks to establish new thinking and perspectives on this issue through his book – ‘Celebrating Differences: Wisdom Through Relationships’. Available on Amazon, Kindle, & Flipkart. This paper is a brief synopsis of the same. 

Published Date: 2020-05-07; Received Date: 2020-04-18