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Cardiac Arrest, Resuscitation and Organ Donation: Joint Venture for Saving Lives One Way or Another. An Innovative and Ethically Sound Trail for Out-of- Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Ortega-Deballon I

Determination of death, the exact moment that a person’s death occurs, has been a constant challenge throughout human being history. What we already know is that death usually does not occur abruptly, at a specific time and for all parts of the body simultaneously. Human resistance to degradation by lack of oxygen varies depending on the type of cell and organ. It is possible, for example, for successful cornea transplants from deceased individuals as many as seven days after death. Actually, the absolute absence of any residual vital activity in the body after cessation of circulatory function, can only be confirmed once the putrefaction process is fully established and completely widespread throughout the corpse. It is not feasible logically, however, to wait until that point to declare death, due to safety and public health reasons.