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Can the Use of Gsm Induce Business Activities in Nigeria? Evidence from P.Z (Cussons) Nigeria Plc.

Oladimeji, Moruff Sanjo, Yusuff, Modupe Ololade

This research work examined the relationship between Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) usage and Business Activities in Nigeria. The study was conducted in Lagos cosmopolitan and Ibadan city. The sample size of the study was 200. A pilot study through test-re-test method was also carried out to test the reliability of the instruments with Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient with the following result 0.89 i.e. 89% for trading activities, 0.76 i.e.76% for Transportation Barriers, while 0.93 i.e. 93% movement of goods and services. The results revealed that there is a positive and significant relationship between the use of GSM and trading activities in Nigeria, the use of GSM does not constitute transportation barriers to business activities in Nigeria and that there is a positive and significant relationship GSM usage and movement of goods and services in Nigeria. Recommendations were made to solve the problems identified.

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