Birds Of Dinder National Park From 2008-2011 | Abstract
Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
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Birds Of Dinder National Park From 2008-2011

Mohamed Elmekki Ali Elbadawi Hussien

The study was conducted in Dinder National park. The meadows (Mayas) of Dinder National park (DNP) were studied during the dry season on 27/4-7/5/ 2008, /2009,8/3 - 18/3/2010 and 26/2-16/3/2011. The following seven mayas were studies and they are as follow: Ras Amer, Abdelgani, Gerarisa, Bet Elwahsh Simaya, Mayat Musa, Ein elshams and Abied. The park was traversed by car along the roads between meadows ecosystem and the Dehra riverbeds and Mayas region were patrolled on foot. The place where the birds used to feed and their habitat were also considered. Observations were made in early morning (6.30-10.00) and afternoon (16.00-18.00). Each maya’s visit took ten days for complete observation. The study showed that there is a wide variation in the total number of individual birds and the variation also existed in number of species(richness). It is impossible to predict the reason behind the distribution of the birds and the species richness as well except the water availability and the climate conditions.