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Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
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Biodiversity of a Mangrove Swamp Ecosystem: Size Composition and Growth Pattern of Land Crabs as an Ecological Indicator

Isa Olalekan Elegbede and Lawal-Are AO

Samples of Cardisoma armatum and Cardisoma guanhumi collected from the Lagos Lagoon mangrove area of the University of Lagos and were studied for their size composition and growth pattern, also a comparative analysis was done on both crabs. The carapace length of Cardisoma armatum and Cardisoma guanhumi examined ranged from 2.50 cm to 9.30 cm and 2.50 cm to 9.20 cm respectively while their carapace-width examined ranged from 2.70 cm to 9.40 cm and 2.80 cm to 9.40 cm respectively. The total weight of the Cardisoma armatum ranged between 96.00 g and 290.00 g while Cardisoma guanhumi ranged between 4.70 g and 295.00 g. The carapace length-total weight relationship of the two crabs showed low correlation value of 0.3378 and 0.2113 respectively. The Statistical t-test between right and left chelipeds variation and between the carapace length and carapace width of Cardisoma armatum and Cardisoma guanhumi showed that there was no statistical significance (p>0.05) between carapace length of both crabs, there was statistical significance (p<0.05) between carapace weight of both crabs collected in February, March, June and July. There was statistical significance (p<0.05) between the right and left chelipeds of the both crabs. This research study indicates almost similar biological features for both species.