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Assuring Travelers Loyalty as a Competitive Advantage (A case Study of EGYPTAIR)

Daif R and Jones E

This mixed methods research study explores assuring travelers’ loyalty as a competitive advantage and develops a model of success factors of airlines loyalty programs. This research aims to evaluate EGYPTAIR Plus program in order to suggest a recommendation for them. The main issue identified with regards to traveler’s loyalty is frequent flyer programs (FFPs). Semi-structured interviews and a questionnaire survey were developed to explore experts and traveler’s approach to the concept of FFPs. This study explores the nature of the impact of DEEPLIST and TPB to assure traveler’s loyalty. The findings illustrated the important aspects which the airlines should follow in order to have success in their FFP. These findings led to the development of a model assuring travelers’ loyalty as a source of competitive advantage. Additionally the findings stressed the necessity of developing policies and practices used by the airlines to facilitate the success of FFP.