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Assessment of Potential Tourism Resources in Elkere District of the Ethiopian Somali Region

Seyoum Merga*

Today, tourism is vigorously growing global economic sector. The influences of tourism go far beyond economy and touch the socio-political and cultural life of people in the world. Ethiopia is one of the few countries highly endowed with natural and historical tourism resources. However, large parts of Ethiopia’s tourism resources are remained unstudied. Therefore, this research is conducted to assess potential tourist attraction found in Elkere District of Ethiopian Somali Region. To achieve this objective, the researcher used a mixed approach of both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The researcher used purposive sampling to select informants. Self-administered questionnaires of both close ended and open ended, interview and filed observation were used as data gathering instruments. Finally, descriptive statistics and narrative approach are used to analyze data. Accordingly, the research result indicated that Elkere District of Ethiopia has high potential of both nature based and cultural (historical) tourism resources.

Published Date: 2019-04-26; Received Date: 2019-03-04