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Assessment of Calotropis Procera Aiton and Datura alba Nees Leaves Extracts as Bio-Insecticides Against Tribolium castaneum Herbst in Stored Wheat Triticum Aestivum L.

Azhar Abbas Khan, Attia Batool Abbasi, Rehana Bibi, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Javairia Sherani and Arif Muhammad Khan

Plant materials have been used for pest control for centuries but recently, preservation of cereals products in storage has relied upon chemical insecticides to control stored grain pests but having drawbacks of toxicity to non-target organisms, human health hazards, development of pest resistance and environmental pollution. The present study was conducted to control the serious cereal’s (wheat) stored grains pest Tribolium castaneum Herbst. Calotropi sprocera Aiton (Ak) and Datura alba (Dhatura) have been reported by many researchers as natural insecticides against stored grain pests. Five concentrations of leaf extracts of C. sprocera and D. alba (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%) were compared to see their efficiency to control Tribolium castaneum. Different parameters like repellency, growth inhibition, mortality rate, infestation/spoilage of grains, insect population and losses in grain weight were tested after application of treatments. Three months storage of wheat grains showed maximum repellency, mortality at higher concentrations of C. sprocera and D. alba, but there was less infestation/ spoilage, loss in grain weight and insect population at higher concentrations (80%,100%).