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Applying Native e-Tourism to Support the Development of Sustainable Tourism

Malgorzata Luc, Magdalena Tejwan-Bopp, Clemens Bopp and Jacek Boguslaw Szmanda

Sustainability is a commonly desirable concept also in individual, non institutionalised tourism, since its main objective is progress, and sustainability provides an opportunity for correct and reasonable management. Our proposition of creating native e-tourism fits into this system perfectly as it arose from the combination of native, ethnic tourism and electronic tools (e-tourism) and is very close to slow and responsible tourism. Native e-tourism promotes an approach of giving a chance for local communities to become a service provider without any intermediate party in a well-known environment they have a strong connection with. This paper, by proposing an idea of a native e-tourism, is a contribution to a theoretical discussion on a tourism typology and the definition of sustainable tourism. The authors try to find a solution to a problem of integrity of sustainability, the customer’s interests, efficiency requirements and local society’s vision of development; and to prove that a single, native supplier with the use of electronic technology may create a system of private enterprise and remain sustainable in their operations. The publication is a case study, an incorporation of theory into applied work and takes part in a discussion on the contemporary and future trends in tourism.