Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Analysis of Projection of Women in Advertisements on Society

Monika Gulati

A number of factors influence the cultural values, lifestyles, and behaviour of a society, the prevalence of mass media has lead to the conclusion that advertising plays a major role in influencing and transmitting social values. The portrayal of women in advertising is an issue that has received a great deal of attention through the years. It is said that advertising contributes to the role of stereotyping of women and ethnic minorities. Advertisements reflect the stereotype that women do not do important things, are dependent on men, lack individuality are regarded by men primarily as sex objects ,are preoccupied with beauty and motherhood and should be in home .Advertisements reflect and shape our values .Therefore what is portrayed must be accurate and true representation of the women community. Advertisers should portray women in diverse roles and not just be sensitive to them in order to influence the purchase behaviour. As per law also no advertisement is permitted which in its depiction of women, violates the constitutional guarantee to all citizens such as equality of status and opportunity and dignity of an individual.

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