Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Analysis of European Demand for Cassava Products from Nigeria (1985-2000)

Grace. O, Okidim I. A. and Ellah

The analysis of export demand for cassava products from Nigeria by Europe is the focus of this study. The study focused on the export of cassava products such as cassava chips, cassava starch, tapioca, fresh cassava, cassava meal. The objectives of the study were to determine what type of cassava products are exported to Europe from Nigeria as well as the various prices, to determine the quantity of cassava products exported and factors affecting the export demand for cassava products. Purposive sampling was used to sample 4 countries out of the 45 countries in Europe. The selection was based on the export need of export countries. Ordinary least square regression analysis was used as analytical technique, tables were also used to present results. Result revealed that cassava starch, cassava flour, cassava feeds, cassava chips had the highest export demand by Europe Union, Netherland and Portugal demand were poor in all products. The study also shows that prices in the internal market (X2) were good, even though the price has a negative relationship with tapioca (Y1), cassava pellet (Y4) also had a negative relationship with the per capita income of the importing countries(X3). The study recommended that there should be improvement in quality of export products for cassava.

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