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An Evaluation of (ICT) Support Services Utilisation at Mutare Polytechnical College: Zimbabwe

Nhamoineni Gada and Stephen Mwenje

Global trends indicate that Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is increasingly being influenced by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). However, many learners in (TVET) colleges in Africa are subjected to traditional lecturer methods with minimal (ICT) support (Chiwerei;Azih&Okoli 2013); Gulvanani&Josh 2014).This paper sought to evaluate utilization of (ICT) services by lecturers and students in the commerce division at Mutare Polytechnic College in Zimbabwe. A descriptive survey that used questionnaires and interviews was used to collect data from a stratified random sample of lecturers and students and from purposively sampled staff and heads of (ICT) and Commerce divisions. The study concludes that lectures at the college depend on traditional lecture methods and rarely support their teaching with (ICT) services available. While both students and tutors acknowledge low utilization of (ICTs) they appreciate benefits of supporting (TVET) with (ICTs).

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