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An Analysis Challenges Faced by Zimbabwean Micro Finance Institutions in Providing Financial Services to the Poor and Informal Sector in the Dollarised Regime

Tendekayivanhu Mutambanadzo,Thomas Bhiri and Smiller Makunike

Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) play a pivotal role in the provision of services to the financially excluded population , particularly the poor and the informal sector. The study investigated the reasons behind the collapse and under- performance of MFIs in a dollarized regime. A survey research design was adopted targeting all 17 MFIs in Bulawayo inclusive of those that collapsed. The major finding was that MFIs are facing funding challenges. Most of them use limited personal funds to finance their businesses. In addition, the study also revealed that MFIs have poor corporate governance structures. Management Information Systems (MIS) have not been fully exploited. The major conclusion drawn from the study was that lack of funding is the major factor hindering the growth and development of MFIs in Zimbabwe. The main recommendation was that MFIs must be adequately regulated and be encouraged to have suitable governance structures in order to attract funding.