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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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Agro-tourism Development Planning to Support Vertical Garden System Tourism Destination Using Hirarchy Process Analysis Method in Tonjong Village Serang Banten

Aliudin, Setiawan Sariyoga, Septian Tirta Cahyadi and Aris Supriyo Wibowo

The tourism sector in this era is a mainstay sector that cannot be used as a foundation that is able to provide multiplier effects on other development sectors. One sector that can be integrated is the agricultural sector, agricultural sector has more value compared to other sectors because each subsystem can be used as a tourist destination and tourist spots that have attraction. The method used in this activity is a descriptive analysis method with sampling techniques used purposively in two farmer groups namely the mekar jaya farmer group and the tomato farmer group. The informants were set at 20 members of the farmer group consisting of 10 people from the Tani Mekar Jaya group and 10 members of the farmer group from the tomato farmer group. Data analysis techniques use the Process hierarchy tabulation and analysis (AHP). Based on the results of hierarchy level 1 analysis, it shows that the factors from within for agro tourism development are important priority scales AW6. Hierarchy level 2 is the most important priority scale in BAW 6, but there are important programs because the weight is higher than AW6 even though it is lower than BAW 1. CAW 3 Scale is the most important priority on level 3 hierarchy, and the program specified in the hierarchy of three levels is very low in abnormal with the level of interest of the other three hierarchical programs. At the level three hierarchy planning level the importance is not yet visible because this hierarchy consists mostly of programs that are macro elements. Hierarchy level 4 is the highest level of importance in DAW4, this level of importance is the highest level of importance of all programs and of the whole hierarc