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Adolescent Influence on Family Buying Decisions Making-in India

Marjan Anbarsooz and Amulya.M

The teen segment is growing rapidly and wields significant buying power. With this huge teen market in the balance, marketers must better understand teen purchase influences. And this study evaluates parental and peer influences on teen purchase decisions by applying social power theory, which has not been examined in the teen context. The conceptual model examines how family socialization practices might impact teens' perceptions of social power influences from parents and peers. For example, family communication environment may promote teens' reliance on particular bases of social power influence. This study also examines the relationship between the bases of perceived social power and the purchase of different types of products (e.g., luxury/necessity, public/private). Results are generally consistent with predictions, demonstrating that teens from high socio-oriented communication environments are subject to greater perceived peer reward/coercive and referent power, whereas teens from high concept-oriented communication environments perceive greater parental expert and legitimate power. Finally, perceived bases of social power influence differ depending on the type of product purchased. Interpretation of findings and implications are discussed.