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Adaptation technical and vocational training in community in hail region in Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Salem Al Shammary

This study deals with important research topics in our lives, the fact that technical and vocational training has a prominent role and important, as one of the means adopted for the implementation of national policies for employment and reduction of unemployment, alleviation of poverty and In raising the awareness among young people, leading to correcting mental concepts among individual, family and community towards technical and vocational training system, which will be reflected positively on both the interest of the individual and society and the development of technical and vocational training programs; so that contribute to those programs in the preparation of young people and develop their skills, and change the prevailing perception towards technical and vocational field, starting from school, creating workshops help to creativity and innovation. The importance of this study lies in the fact dealing with the relationship between technical and vocational training and labor market institutions. Based on the above, the researcher came to choose the subject of scientific study and its importance. The study has sought to achieve five key goals represent the first goal: Correction mental picture of the business professional, and done by young people guidance about the profession needed by the community according to their needs and desires and needs of the community away from the parents and the traditions of the family and the limitations community pressure. The second goal represents: increasing social awareness of the importance and the role of technical and vocational training outcomes and their impact on the individual and society. The third goal represents: identifying the concept and importance of technical and vocational training and its role in human resource development and its relationship to the labor market (the delivery of the institution's objective to be a center of excellence in the practical professions). The fourth goal represents: indicating the impact of technical and vocational training outcomes on the labor market (show the success of General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training graduates). And the fifth goal represents: helping the study to provide scientific processors benefit of decision-makers in the field of technical and vocational training. As well as researchers and interested students take advantage of this type of studies. The study resulted from a series of findings and recommendations, including: the technical and vocational training in the Kingdom, especially the Hail region need to activate guidance, vocational guidance and awareness of the importance professions and enlighten society. The most important recommendations are: • Accommodate the largest possible number of interested in technical and vocational training to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. • Rehabilitation and development of national human resources in technical and professional fields, according to the request of quantitative and qualitative labor market • Build a strategy to work with the private sectors partnership for the implementation of technical and vocational training programs. INTRODUCTION