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A Study on Habits and Preferences of Customers towards Shopping at Modern Retail Stores

M. Sandeep Kumar & Dr. M. Srinivasa Narayana

Indian retail industry is one of the most vibrant ones across the globe. It offers innumerable opportunities to enterprising businessmen. Since the age of mom-and-pop stores (Kirana stores as called in India), traditional retail in India has gave way to modern retail formats, which improved shopping experiences of customers to new heights. On the other hand, the new-age customers have started embracing new retail formats as a welcoming sign to modern retailers. At this point, it is found essential to discover the general habits and preferences of customers towards shopping at modern retail stores. The study covers shopping mall customers in a tier-2 city in Andhra Pradesh. Using systematic sampling method 120 customers were surveyed using a structured questionnaire. The paper discusses the findings of the study and makes suggestions for modern retailers.