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A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Food Bazaar in Bangalore

Dr. Duggani Yuvaraju, Dr.Duggani Subramanyam and S. Durga Rao

bstract Customer satisfaction is a feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance or outcome in relation to his or her expectations. In our survey, we have taken convenience sampling method to collect the primary data. Here we have taken 110 samples, from that, 50% of the customers responded that the range of products is good. 52.72% of the customers responded that the quality of products is average. 44.54% of the customers are dissatisfied towards the offers. 56.36% of the customers are highly dissatisfied towards the speed of the cashier at the billing process. 75.45% of the customers responded that they are not satisfied with the parking facility. By chi-square test, it is proved that the overall satisfaction of the customers of food bazaar is independent of their gender.