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A Study of Performance Management System in HCL

Dr. Neeraj Kumari

The study aims to study and analyze Performance Management components and their usage in HCL. The study entailed detailed examination of the methods to measure and enhance performance management system against its objectives. Exploratory research followed by descriptive research has been used in the study. Nonprobability convenience sampling has been used in the study. The sample size is 40. Primary data has been collected using two structured questionnaires. Depth interview method was used by which answers to the questionnaire were sought. As it is inferred that PMS system is important for any organization, the organizations must invest in specific technology oriented products and services, software and hardware to improve the performance. The companies must identify and develop unique retention strategies to retain the employees. Retention and innovation strategies are used to improve the performance of employees, so the focus must be directed towards improving the PMS.

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