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A Single-Blind, Randomized, Clinical Study of THROZEN (Cough Lozenges Formulation) for the Treatment of Sore Throat and Cough

Supriya H Raut

Objective: THROZEN (Cough lozenges formulation) having herbal ingredients used for sore throat and cough mainly contains Anacyclus pyrethrum, zinc and menthol. Zinc is effective against cough and sore throat and also shortens the duration of infection. Thus zinc reduces sufferings caused due to existing infection. Zinc can stop viruses from multiplying, thus it has a static action which halts progress of the infection. Anacyclus pyrethrum is effective against sore throat as well as cough, dry mouth and redness of throat. In the present study, clinical evaluation of THROZEN cough lozenges has been done in human subjects.

Method: Single-blind, Randomized, clinical study of THROZEN (cough lozenges formulation) was done on 108 subjects with existing cough and sore throat condition at two different clinical sites. The subjects were given the cough lozenges after they were enrolled in the study and were followed up for a period of seven days. The sore throat severity along with cough, dry mouth, itching of throat, voice quality, redness of throat and hoarseness were recorded on day 0, 7th day and on the 14th day of treatment during follow-up visits.

Results: All the subjects undergone treatment have shown a significant decrease (p<0.001) in the frequency and severity of the sore throat and cough. No adverse effects were observed for any subjects. Assessment was based on improvement in symptoms, acceptability and overall efficiency and safety as reported by the physician and the subjects.

Conclusion: THROZEN proved to be an effective and safe cough lozenges that is highly acceptable by subjects enrolled in the study who were suffering from sore throat and cough.