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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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A Review of Research on Ecotourism Poverty Alleviation in China

Kai Bai*, Huizhan Wang, Ruochen Wang, Hossen Saddam and Lulu Pei

According to the changes in major national poverty alleviation strategies since the implementation of tourism poverty alleviation practices in China, tourism poverty alleviation practices can be divided into three stages: Traditional tourism poverty alleviation, tourism precise poverty alleviation and post tourism poverty alleviation. Corresponding to the different stages, domestic research on ecotourism poverty alleviation in China has shown different characteristics. On the basis of systematically sorting out the characteristics of ecotourism poverty alleviation research stages and research contents, an outlook is given in terms of research objects, research contents, research perspectives and research methods, with a view to providing useful inspiration and guidance for ecotourism poverty alleviation research in China in the future period.

Published Date: 2023-02-15; Received Date: 2022-11-16