Radial Signed Digraphs | Abstract
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Mathematica Eterna
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ISSN: 1314-3344


Radial Signed Digraphs

P. Siva Kota Reddy, P. S. Hemavathi and R. Rajendra

In this paper, we define the radial signed digraph −→R(Σ) of a given signed digraph Σ = (∆, σ) and offer a structural characterization of radial signed digraphs. Further, we characterize signed digraphs Σ for which: Σ ∼ −→R(Σ) and Σ ∼ −→R(Σ) where ∼ denotes switching equivalence and −→R(Σ) and Σ are denotes the radial signed digraph and complementary signed digraph of Σ respectively.


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