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A Pilot Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Topical Antiviral Osmotically Active Hypertonic Solution for The Treatment of Influenza Virus Induced Sore Throat

Ravi Shrivastava

Objectives: The presence of free virus particles and bacteria on the surface of the throat is the main cause of initiating and maintaining viral throat infection. In the absence of any topical antiviral treatment, the objectives of this study were to evaluate the efficacy and safety of some specific virus glycoprotein neutralizing and proteolytic enzyme binding plant tannins in an osmotically active hypertonic solution (VB-Th4) for the treatment of sore throat. Methods: 60-patients having acute sore throat were treated with VB-Th4 spray for a maximum period of 14-consecutive days. 43 patients in the Standard treatment (ST) group received other commonly used treatments. Effect on clinical signs, duration of recovery and requirement for the use of antibiotics was evaluated. Results: VB-Th4 significantly reduced the signs of sore throat, bacterial load as well as throat pain, irritation and inflammation immediately after the first treatment with complete recovery in 90% patients within 7-days. The time required for complete recovery and the use of antibiotics was significantly reduced in the VB-Th4 compared to the ST group. Conclusion: In the absence of any topical antiviral drug, topical virus glycoprotein and protease inhibitors open a new therapeutic approach to treat throat viral infections.