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A Customer-Employee Encounter: A Review of Customer Quality Control on Restaurant Food Service

Simon Were Okwachi*

Food service involves customer quality control in helping to create a meal experience and service value. However, this is not the case as service failures are more often experienced due to challenges faced in the management of hospitality’s restaurant food service. The variability nature of services has compromised food service quality in addition to a myriad of both internal and external glitches. The purpose of this paper was therefore to provide a literature review in to customer quality control on restaurant food and beverage service, with the objective of identifying customer quality control factors. The Resourceful Evaluation Maximizers Model (REMM) as well as the Pain Avoidance Model (PAM) was applied in explaining the customer quality control function in hospitality’s restaurant business. In view of the literature review on this study, the motivating factors in the customer quality control include: tipping, on-the-spot customer complaints feedback as well as customer satisfaction surveys. The study explores these three factors in relation to their contribution to food service quality control mechanisms within the hospitality’s restaurant business. However, the study recommends both research surveys as well as experiments to back up this review.

Published Date: 2019-09-23; Received Date: 2019-08-18