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A Crossed Length Diagnostic by the Way of Spiegel’s Hernia

Lopez Gomez J, Villaverde-Royo MV, Cid Castro R, Sancho Lozano L, Sanjuan R and Palacios P

Spiegel hernias are process of low incidence that represents less than 2% of abdominal hernias. Diagnosis is often complex and in some cases is purely casual discovery. In cases in which these are symptomatic is postural abdominal pain located it´s first expression. After the anamnesis facing possible predisposing factors such as trauma or the concurrence of processes involving increased abdominal pressure and palpation is the main diagnostic instrument. Ultrasound or tomographies are useful to diagnose when tenderness is not enough. The request for additional tests without a diagnosis or suspicion can result in false negatives that slow down the diagnostic process. Strangulation and subsequent surgical intervention was the reason that changes the diagnostic process after months of study and high direct and indirect costs. In recent years the approach by laparoscopic way has shown comparable performance and shorter hospital stay. Successful diagnostic and therapeutic action, by doctor the emergency room, helped the patient returning to work in just two weeks; recovering completely the quality of life that had before trauma. All pitting the immediate cessation of the frequentation of the health system and the removal of the stigma sometimes unavoidable in some of these cases be regarded as a “hyperfrequenter” both patient the urgent field as in primary care.