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A Critical Review of Literature on Job Designs in Sociotechnical Systems

Marwa Moses Siruri and Muathe SMA

Job redesigns systems have been a subject of interest for a long time. Indeed, from the days of Frederick Taylor who is regarded as the father of the scientific school of management, managers have striven to understand on how to design jobs that would optimize workplace productivity. Different theories have also been postulated and some of the most celebrated in the arena of job designs include Job Characteristics Model and the Socio-Technical Systems Theory. This paper explores conceptual and empirical literature touching on three typologies of job designs viz Job Enlargement, Job Enrichment and Job Rotation and seeks to establish commonalities and controversies with an overall agenda of establishing the nature of relationship between these job designs and workplace productivity. The paper recommends that a Metanalysis of studies on these job designs systems be done to build a case of the nature of these relationships.