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A Comprehensive Perspective on Medical Tourism Context and Create a Conceptual Framework

Masoud Lajevardi

p>This study developed a theoretical structural model to examine the influence of motivational factor and perceived destination image in the perceived service quality and overall satisfaction of medical tourists who have travelled to a foreign country to obtain a medical treatment. The theory of motivation, perception was combined in this research. This study included customer perceptions based on motivational factor, destination image, quality, value, and satisfaction which occurred after the medical trips. This is a quantitative study and survey method is used to collect data. The instrument of this study is developed based on the review of previous literature. There were only 260 completed responses that met all the required criteria. After data collection was completed, the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and SPSS AMOS 22.0 will be used to analyze and interpret the result. The results show that there were positive impact of Destination Image and Motivational Factor on Perceived Value, and positive impact of Perceived Value on Overall Satisfaction. Once again, it can be confirmed that Destination Image has the strongest impact on Perceived Quality, illustrated by the highest standardized value of 0.473.