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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
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A Case of a Corneal Melanoma with Superficial Stromal Involvement

Frances Marie DC Roa and Archimedes Lee D Agahan

Purpose: To report a rare case of a malignant corneal melanoma with superficial stromal involvement.

Methods: This is a report of a 43-year old male who developed a gradually enlarging pigmented mass on the temporal limbus extending to the cornea of the right eye, accompanied by blurred vision. Ultrasound biomicroscopy revealed no conjunctival involvement, but with possible penetration of the Bowman’s layer. The patient subsequently underwent an excision biopsy using the “no touch technique” with cryotherapy.

Results: On histopathologic examination, pigmented cells forming nests were seen extending from the corneal epithelium up to the stroma. This confirmed a diagnosis of corneal melanoma.

Conclusions: Although uncommon, melanomas can present in the cornea with involvement of the epithelium up to the stroma. Therefore, appropriate laboratory examinations are vital for the diagnosis of such cases. To prevent tumor seeding to adjacent tissues, excision without touching the tumor is advised.