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Articles published in Journal of Theoretical & Computational Science have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Theoretical & Computational Science has got h-index 11, which means every article in Journal of Theoretical & Computational Science has got 11 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

33 21 2 0 11

Year wise citations received

61 83 45 37 22
Journal total citations count 368
Journal impact factor 3.48
Journal 5 years impact factor 5.01
Journal cite score 4.07
Journal h-index 11
Journal h-index since 2018 10
Important citations

Preparation, characterization, spectroscopic (ft-ir, ft-raman, uv and visible) studies, optical properties and kubo gap analysis of in2o3 thin films

A new visible light active multifunctional ternary composite based on tio2–in2o3 nanocrystals heterojunction decorated porous graphitic carbon nitride for photocatalytic treatment of hazardous pollutant and h2 evolution

Sustainability of sisal/jute hybrid polymer composite for production of automobile body parts

photorelaxation pathways of 4-(n,n-dimethylamino)-4?-nitrostilbene upon s1 excitation revealed by conical intersection and intersystem crossing networks

Spectroscopic investigation (ft-ir, ft-raman), homo-lumo, nbo, and molecular docking analysis of n-ethyl-n-nitrosourea, a potential anticancer agent

Identification of driver genes in renal stress condition using network clustering approach

Suggestion to upgrade the canonical concept of translation

Penentuan kandungan oksidator berdasar reaksi stoikiometri dan struktur kristal dalam rangka adopsi formulasi propelan hlp (determination of oxidator content based on stoichiometrical and chrystal structure on purpose of hlp propellant formulation adoption)

Influence of the nitrogen exposure time to the plasma treatment on the hydrophobicity of polystyrene surfaces

Density functional theory calculations for electronic, optoelectronic and thermodynamic properties of dibenzothiophene metal complexes

Advances on the biosynthesis and regulation of methionine

Application of rsm for optimization of glutamic acid production by corynebacterium glutamicum in bath culture

Philosophical consequences from the turing test undecidability

Lying, computers and self-awareness

Molecular analysis of the interaction of 2, 3, 7, 8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin and, aryl hydrocarbon receptor (ahr) from a perspective of the quantum chemistry

Spectral and proton transfer behavior of 1,4-dihydroxylanthraquinone in aqueous and confined media; molecular modelling strategy

Photochemical and computational studies of inclusion complexes between ?-cyclodextrin and 1,2-dihydroxyanthraquinones

nanoscopy and nanoparticles hand-in-hand to fight cancer: an exciting entrée into the rising nanoworld

combining low temperature fluorescence dna-hybridization, immunostaining, and super-resolution localization microscopy for nano-structure analysis of alu elements and their influence on chromatin structure

challenges for super-resolution localization microscopy and biomolecular fluorescent nano-probing in cancer research

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