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Superinfections by Microbial Pathogens in (Covid-19)

On behalf of Editorial Board of Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access we are initiating a Special Issue on Superinfections by Microbial Pathogens in (Covid-19). At this unpredicted pandemic by Novel Coronavirus, scientifically (SARS-Cov-19/COVID-19/nCOv-19). There you to bring theories on the this novel virus.

This special issue will publish timely on microbial pathogens concerning its study, epidemiological, immunological, virologic aspects Covid-19. Also, it aims to bring a platform for the researchers, investigations, biologists, microbiologists, medical doctors, etc. to improve the understanding of the disease by using several treating approaches.

This special issue invites to submit your research, review, review, short communications, case report, clinical images, Editorial ad Letter to the Editor, etc.

Submission: Please submit your manuscript to Superinfections by Microbial Pathogens in (Covid-19) or you can send as an attachment to [email protected]