Cell Culture and Animal Models for Antiviral Drug Discovery and D
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Cell Culture and Animal Models for Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development

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The uses of antiviral agents are increasing in the new era along with the development of vaccines for the effective control of viral diseases. The main aims of antiviral agents are to minimize harm to the host system and eradicate deadly viral diseases. The use of animal models for viruses of human and veterinary importance is still abundantly used to develop therapeutic agents.

The approaches are different for companion animals as a single method is preferred, while for large-scale livestock, mass treatment therapy is used; that is why antiviral drugs and other natural as well as herbal products are characterized through a novel and optimistic approach. Still it is worthy to notice that these therapies lead to multiple drug resistance which should be overcome in the future.

This includes work on agents that inhibit viral replication or pathogenesis or that modulate the host response to viral pathogens; platforms for antivirals discovery and optimization; experimental models for the evaluation of antviral agents; assays and technologies for diagnosis of viral infection and quantification of the host response to viral infection.

We strongly encourage the submission of research on the discovery, mechanistic characterization, and validation of both small molecule and biological agents applied to both established and newly emerging viral pathogens. By submitting your work to this Special Issue, you will take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to add your voice and your science to an area that recent events have brought to the forefront of interests of not only the scientific community but also policy makers, funders, and the public.


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