Enzyme Engineering

Enzyme Engineering
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Enzyme Expression

The metabolic enzyme expression remodeling is now widely known as hallmark of cancer, but it is not clear whether individual metabolic strategies are frequently exploited by many tumours. The highest scoring pathway is mitochondrial one-carbon metabolism and protein are markedly elevated in many cancers and correlated with poor survival in brest cancer. In this it shows the importance of mitochondrial compartmentalization of one carbon metabolism in cancer and raises important therapeutic hypotheses.

Enzymes are an important staple in the biopharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical fields. However, expression of these workhorse proteins comes with a number of problems as well. Bacterial hosts can produce large quantities of these proteins, but struggle when tasked with expression of very large proteins or proteins that require post-translational modifications. Fungal expression systems have the potential to produce toxins during the expression cycle, which can make their product unusable. Both types of hosts must undergo the extreme physiological impacts of high-level expression of the genes needed to create over-production.

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