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Aphasia is an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. It is due to injury to the brain-most commonly from a stroke, particularly in older individuals. But brain injuries resulting in aphasia may also arise from head trauma, from brain tumors.

 It can be divided into four categories:

(1) Expressive aphasia: It involves difficulty in conveying thoughts through speech or writing. The patients suffering from aphasia know what they want to say but cannot find the words.

(2) Receptive aphasia: It involves difficulty in understanding of spoken or written language.

(3) Patients with anomic or amnesia aphasia, which is considered as the least severe form of aphasia, experience difficulty in using the correct names for particular objects, people, places, or events.

(4) Global aphasia: It occurs from severe and extensive damage to the language areas of the brain.

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