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Wang Zhiqiang

Wang Zhiqiang
Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, Deputy Director  


Wang Zhiqiang, male, born in August 1967, Handan, associate professor, deputy director of the Department of Environmental Engineering, "Jiu San Society" members. 1989 graduated from Hebei University of Engineering water supply and drainage professional work after graduation from February 1991 to July 1992 study at Tsinghua University education. September 2001 into the China University of Mining (Beijing) master's degree, in September 2003 ahead PhD, graduated in June 2006, received his Ph.D., Environmental Engineering; June 2006 so far in Hebei University of Energy Work and Environmental Engineering, July 2009 - 8 months Hokkaido University as a visiting scholar.

The current International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) members, Tianjin Water Resources Association, "Environmental Earth Sciences", "Journal of Geophysics & Remote Sensing", "Journal of Geology & Geosciences" international journal reviewers.

Research Interest

1. Water pollution control and wastewater treatment and reuse technology;
2, Efficient water use of new technologies;
3. Environmental Impact Assessment.