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Journal of Horticulture
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Enrica De Falco

Enrica De Falco
Department of Pharmacy
University of Salerno


Enrica De Falco graduated in 1981 in Agricultural Science at the University Federico II of Napoli. Actually she is Associated Professor at the University of Salerno, disciplinary area AGR02 - Department of Pharmacy - where she teaches at the courses of “Medicinal Plants” and “Crop of plants to produce functional food and nutraceuticals” She takes part in connection between University and job world with the Commissions “Stages” and “Job Placement” and she is a member of the Doctorate in Systems Biology at the University of Salerno.
Scientific activity was centralized mostly on the use of plants related to the environment safeguard and men health. Particularly the research was interested in plants for environmental purpose, physiological, agronomical, qualitative and functional aspects of crops of the Mediterranean area, sustainable crop systems, biological nitrogen fixation, dyeing, aromatic and medicinal plants for innovative uses, individuation of dyeing plants from Mediterranean area and typical crop for green building.

Research Interest

Aromatic plants, dyeing plants, edible weeds, legumes, sustainable crop systems