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Emilia Mikolajewska

Emilia Mikolajewska
Emilia Mikolajewska Senior assistant Clinical Ward for Post-Traumatic Paraplegia and Clinical Ward for Early Neurological Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Clinic Military Clinical Hospital No. 10 and Polyclinic Bydgoszcz, Poland


Polish physical therapist, scientist, lecturer and supervisor of young PTs. - Ph.D. in Physiotherapy, Medical Univesity in Poznań, Poland, 2007, - MSc in Physiotherapy, University School of Physical Education in Poznań, Poland, 2001. She published nine books, more than 40 chapters, and more than 200 articles in journals covering topics of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. She is inventor in the area of wheelchairs, member of Editorial Boards and Reviewer in 23 scientific journals

Research Interest

1. Eclectic therapy in neurological physiotherapy and neurorehabilitation
2. Neurorehabilitation of adult patients, including post-stroke
3. Neurorehabilitation of children
4. Co-operation within therapeutic multidisciplinary team
5. Evidence Based Medicine in clinical practice, including Physical Therapy
6. Biomedical Engineering in rehabilitation
7. Increasing of patients' quality of life using: assistive devices, telemedicine, telerehabilitation, cybertherapy, rehabilitative robotics, applications of IT, AI and integrated systems in medicine.