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Elhoucine Essefi

Elhoucine Essefi

Elhoucine Essefi
Assistant Professor 96 486 996 
University of Sfax


Dr. Elhoucine Essefi obtained his PhD in geology from the National Engineering School of Sfax in 2013 titled ‘Wet Aeolian Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy within the Terrestrial Analogues in Eastern Tunisia: Implications for Wet Aeolian Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy on Mars’. In 2009, obtained the Master degree from the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax titled ‘Multidisciplinary study of Sidi El Hani Saline Environment: the Geological History and the Climatic Variability’. In 2003, he obtained the ‘Maitrise’ degree in Earth Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax. In 2011, he obtained the License in Linguistics and Anglophone Civilization from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sfax. In 2015, he obtained the Master’s degree in Specialized English titled ‘Suggested solutions to some problems of Tunisian novice researchers with academic writing in English: case studies of a Research Article (Gallela et al., 2009) and a Master Thesis (Essefi, 2009)’

Research Interest

Wet lands, terrestrial analogues, paleoclimate, geochemistry, Mars