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Journal of Cancer Science and Research

Journal of Cancer Science and Research
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When the numbers lie!

2nd International Conference on Cancer Science & Research

March 24-25, 2022 Webinar

Xu Chen

The College of St. Scholastica, USA

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Abstract :

Numbers do not lie. However, in China, those statistics were designed by government, instead of showing the reality. For instance, the number of death in Zhengzhou flood in July 2020 had been modified many times (). Some sources say that the reported number was hundreds of times smaller than the real thing (). Same thing might have happened to Chinese women mortality rates. In 2017, Chinese police arrested a serial killer, Gao ChengYong. When asked how many more girls he might have killed, he answered that he killed only two women in Baotou, Innermongolia; while the authorities claimed that the number of similar cases at the time in Baotou was totally five. Now, who were those five cases? If the authority were shrinking the Zhengzhou mortality by hundreds of times, how many women really died during the time span of 1988-1993? Chronic diseases, such as cancer, need a preferrable environment to heal. In the circumstance that women’s personal safety are in danger anytime, they might not pay enough attention to cancer detection and treatments. This paper will be a case study of a woman’s personal experience to explore safety tips for international travelers.

Biography :

Xu Chen has an Bachelor’s of art in Biology and a Master’s of science in exercise physiology from the College of St. scholastica. She also matriculated in University of the Rockies, Arizona global university, and Harvard University. Currently, Xu Chen is a performing artist in Boston, MA area.