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To study the effect of common ion effect in a drug formulation that alters sex ratios with great success in dairy animals

28th International Conference on Chemistry & Drug Designing

December 05-06, 2018 | Vancouver, Canada

Balwinder Singh Aulakh

Profem Genesis Private Limited, India

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Abstract :

Common ion effect is a phenomenon of particular importance in chemical reactions. The general occurrence of it is seen in the preparation of various buffer solutions, chemicals, and reagents that find great application and value in various fields of applied and industrial chemistry. In drug science also, this phenomenon can be utilized in the preparation of stable, simple and effective dosage forms that definitely contain the desired active constituents in relatively more saturated concentrations that provide the targeted delivery to produce a particular pharmacological effect. The present exercise involves the development of a drug formulation involving reagents like monosodium ethanoate and ethanoic acid which harbor the common ethanoate ions in sufficient concentration to produce the desired drug action that interferes with the basic biochemistry of the mechanism of gamete fusion in mammals and alters the primary sex ratios to produce female progenies in greater numbers. The hallmark of this exercise lies basically in the simplicity of its process and the degree of efficacy with which it delivers the desired pharmacological outcome with deftness.

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