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Internal Medicine: Open Access
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The System of the Future where Personalized Experience is Experienced! - GULF Region Context

12th International Conference on Internal Medicine and Hospital Management

April 27-28, 2022 | Webinar

Nouf Majed AlKusayer

Beeā??ah Group, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Abstract :

With emerging knowledge in healthcare delivery, rapidly evolving digital technologies, and highly competitive market environment, the entire healthcare system will be disrupted and reshaped. While most of the publications in the past decade focused on envisioning how the hospital of the future may look like or even feel like, it is important to recognize that hospitals do not exist in isolation. They are only part of a complicated system, constantly changing demand, and growing patients’ expectations. If we look at the existing systems, they are mostly surrounded around hospital-centric organization, physicians-centered approach, insurance-driven care, and self-contained narratives and patient charts. Many functions of the traditional system can be unbundled and reconnected to be more efficient, sustainable, and effective to touch every living individual. The healthcare and wellness system of the future will have to be well connected and adaptive, creating networks and multidisciplinary partnerships, to become eventually a real “integrator” between the different players, in which synergies will be identified, paths will be confined, costs will be minimized, and experience will be personalized at different levels. This will result in creating a re-engineered value of scale and scope to reach ‘more’ in ‘less’, enabling individuals to be in control of their wellbeing and connected to the health system, with reduced pain points. Thus, enabling the overall system to detect what they really need before they seek help, making the journey feels smoother and personalized.

Biography :

Nouf Majed AlKusayer working as a Senior Project Manager at Bee’ah Group, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.